The first plants are growing

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Hello World !

Hello and welcome to our Blog,
here we will release infos and the development progress about the game called "ElDarion" Today we are releasing our first Internal Version of the Game "ElDarion 0.01a". Its only accessable for the Developers, sorry for that !


  • Basic Crop System (planting, growing & harvest based on unique inheritable CropAttributes)
  • Basic Player Inventory System (Storage Containers, Stackable Items, Split Items, Drop Item)
  • Event System for Mod support (Basic Entity Events)
  • Dynamic Item Generator (Tools & Weapons)
  • Basic World Interactions (Place and Interact with Crops/Objects)
  • Basic Key/Control System (Placer Movement, Inventory/Container Interactions)
  • Enchanted Item System (for Containers/Player Inventory)
  • Animated WaterTiles and some Placeholder Sprites


These are the next thing we will be working on, so stay tuned !

  • StorySystem (Node based System for faster Story implementation/upgrades)
  • 2D Light System
  • Enchanted Crop System
  • InGame Time System (Concept is done)
  • Player Vital System (Concept is done)
  • Item Editor (A tool to create Items easily)

Here is a short preview (gif) of our Inventory System:

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